October 12, 2015

10 Things To Do In Autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, it rains, it's cold and everything looks really beautiful, but as every other season it can get boring sometimes so I've come up with ten things you can do to avoid boredom!

  1. Have a movie night in it's pretty cold and rainy in autumn, it is the perfect weather to stay in, sitting in front of the fire and watch a film with your friends, family or anyone you enjoy spending time with really! There's so many great films out there, like rom-coms, action films or sad ones because everyone needs a good sad film to cry themselves out every once in a while, but as Halloween is coming it is the perfect time to watch those scary (or not so scary) films !
  2. Go for a walk and enjoy the view it does rain a lot in this time of the year but there's always those days when the sun is shinning and we need to make the best of those few days, so go outside to the nearest park that you can find and enjoy nature's beauty. The leaves look incredibly beautiful as they are changing colours, go outside right before the sun sets and just take some time to appreciate the beauty of sunsets.
  3. Bake something it is never a bad time for this. The baking process is pretty fun but decorating is my favourite part of it and there's so many different ways to decorate your cakes or cupcakes to go with the weather and season, like putting little leaves on top of your cupcakes or make Halloween related decorations such as ghosts, pumpkins or witches.
  4. Redecorate your bedroom one thing i love is decorating my room and what better excuse to do this than a different season coming, grab some blankets, get some fairy lights and hang them somewhere in your room, light some candles and change all the bright colours for some darker ones such as burgundy and brown, all of this will help make your room look very cosy and will give it a very autumnal look!
  5.  DIY something as i said before i really enjoy decorating my room, but this can be quite expensive and i do not feel like spending all my money on this, so i love looking at cute decorations that i would like for my room and i make them myself, which is way cheaper and it also really fun!
  6. Have some hot chocolate this is definitely one of my favourite things, hot chocolate is my favourite drink 100% and it is finally cold enough for me to be able to drink some with out burning myself and melting down on the inside as i would if i had this in summer.
  7. Reread your favourite book i love reading, i think it is one of the most amazing things in the world, getting so much into a book that you can't stop reading because you need to know what will happen next, when you like a story so much that as soon as you finish the book you feel the need to read it again, i love that. So why not reread your favourite book now? when it is rainy and cold outside and all you want to do is stay inside, warm and wrapped in a blanket? i think it is the perfect time to do that! 
  8. Go outside in rain it rains so much so why not make the best out of it and enjoy it? Go outside, run around and have fun!
  9. Outfit planning autumn is my favourite season clothes wise, i love wearing black skinny jeans so as soon as it starts getting a little cold I'm the first one to get those jeans out of my wardrobe and wear them nonstop. I love how i can wear long jeans and still wear crop tops and t-shirts without needing to cover myself with  8000 layers that you can barely see my outfit or face! So if you get bored and have nothing to do why not plan some cute autumnal outfits?!
  10. Last and most important of all is to be positive  this does not necessarily have anything to do with autumn, but i think it is important to be positive, life can be really hard sometimes but you've got to look at the positive side of everything. I know this can be difficult but being positive about things will help you be happy and smile a lot more.