June 27, 2016

20 things to do in summer


Summer is finally here! And everyone is very happy about this! Summer means holiday, no school, no worries... it's great!
But this also means i get bored pretty easily, there's a lot of free time so it is inevitable that you'll get bored sometimes so I've come up with 25 things you can do when this happens!

  1. Go to the swimming pool, In summer it is very hot, and that is something I really despise about this season! So to deal with this i spend a lot of time swimming and hanging by the pool. You can have a pool party with your friends too, which would be really fun!
  2. Walk around the city, go shopping, have a look around and get some ice cream. Isn't it lovely to just walk around with an ice cream? There's something about it that i really love! 
  3. Sunbathe, as i said before i like spending time in the pool but we all know what happens when you spend too much time in it, yeah, we get wrinkly hands! So i also like to just lay in the sun and tan. There's something about looking bronzed that i love, it's probably the fact that i am very pale all year round so this is a little change i really enjoy!
  4. Watch the sunset, if you know me you know how much I love sunsets. Every sunset is different and unique, they're just gorgeous! I think it is a great idea to look for a nice place where you can sit and enjoy watching the sun set! It's a really lovely activity to do with your friends or family, you can take pictures of each other, the lighting is so beautiful when the sun is setting!
  5. Make smoothies, these are one of my favourite things to have in summer, they are so tasty and refreshing! There's so many different recipes you can try, with different fruits and flavours!
  6. Make a den, ever since i saw Zoe do this in her video it reminded me how much i loved to do this when i was younger, I used to make them all the time and hung out there with my sisters! It is a really fun activity, you can make it as big as you want, decorate it, bring food inside and watch a movie in it! It's so cute and something i do recommend doing as it is very fun!
  7. Paint your nails, I never wear very colourful clothes, and although that doesn't really change in summer, there's something that i do like to change quite often and that's my nail polish. Painting my nails is something enjoy doing, i find it very relaxing! So i like trying different nail polishes, brighter ones that i wouldn't wear when it's colder outside!
  8. Read books, there's no better time than summer to get invested in a book. You've got a ton of time to read and enjoy your book. I love reading, how you can get so into a book that you forget about everything that is going on outside of it, such a great feeling! One of my favourite ones is Hush Hush, what's your favourite book?
  9. Go on a roadtrip, I love roadtrips, they're so fun! love watching the landscape and singing and listening to my favourite songs. I honestly just enjoy being in the car and doing this just for the sake of doing it even if i'm not going anywhere aha
  10. Make lemonade, Lemonade screams summer to me, it's a really cold and refreshing drink. You could sell the lemonade you make in your garden but i'd rather just drink it all myself, it's so good!
  11. Write a letter, We don't send or receive letter as often ( or at all ) anymore, which is really sad as i really love receiving letters! They're a lot more personal than a text, it's nice. In summer you go on holidays, you do tons of activities so i think it is a great idea to send your friend a letter telling them, what you've done during summer, I'm sure they'll love it!
  12. Finish a DIY project, DIYs are so fun to do, you get a new necklace or whatever you decide to make, for really inexpensive and it is very entertaining as well!
  13. Go stargazing, stars are beautiful, i think it would be very fun to go outside with your friends, lay down and watch the different stars and constellations, just enjoy the calm and the beautiful view.
  14. Host a barbecue, bring all your friends, have fun in the swimming pool and make delicious food! It is a very fun thing to do when you hang out with your friends!
  15. Try different outfits, I love doing this. When i'm bored i like to go through my wardrobe, pick a few items and then i try to make a couple different outfits with those pieces, i enjoy doing it and it also helps me find new outfits that i'd never thought about wearing before! This also helps me save time in the morning as i already have a few outfits picked!
  16. Make smores, personally i'm not the biggest fan of them, i don't really like the taste but i think sitting around the fire with your friends, telling stories and singing songs would be very fun!
  17. Go to a concert, I love concerts so much, they are so much fun, singing as loud as you can to your favourite songs with your friends, there's nothing better! 
  18. Have a movie night, this is always a great idea, i love having a chilled night, make popcorn and watch my favourite movies.
  19. Have a water fight, it is so hot so hot that i like to do anything to stop it. This is such a fun to do, fill up water balloons and throw them at your friends!
  20. Make a scrapbook, In summer we make tons of new memories, and take tons of pictures, so i think it is a good idea to have a place where you can place them all and look back at them, to remember all the great things that happened. You can have fun making this scrapbook as you can decorate it however you like and write down your memories and thoughts, is a really lovely thing to do. 

Are you excited about summer? Are you gonna do any of these things?


  1. Cute ideas!! I can't wait for summer days exploring and nights chilling :)xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  2. There are some really great ideas here! definitely gonna make a scrapbook.


    1. Scrapbooks are so cute and fun to make!

  3. These are some great ideas :)


  4. Oh I absolutely love these kind of posts. You shared some pretty amazing ideas. Gonna try some of these in summer for sure :)

    Love, Kerstin

  5. Oh man this really makes me wish it was summer in Melbourne but instead we're going through a freezing winter :(

    I've also always wanted to try S'mores, we don't make them in Australia so I've always been curious about what they taste like!


    1. Oh that sucks! But winter is great too aha :)

  6. Great list can't wait to go to the beach and go swimming!!


    1. Can't wait to go to the beach too :D

  7. Lovely ideas! I want to watch a sunset and a sunrise this summer xx

    1. They're so beautiful, I live watching sunsets ! :)

  8. Lovely ideas :) My favourite thing to do in summer is go for country walks in the warm sunshine but it's probably not happening this year as I'm very heavily pregnant and can't walk far! I'll have to do some of these ideas that I can do from home x

    Just Little Things

    1. Thanks ! Country walks sounds really nice ! Yeah maybe it's a good idea to do things from home aha :)

  9. I love this idea The summer can be so long and it shouldn't be wasted.


  10. The options are so endless!! I'm praying for summer to come quick as I've had it with the cold. Ha!! Thanks for the ideas.