November 29, 2015

35 Things I Am thankful For

On Thursday it was thanksgiving, and even though we don't celebrate it here, it got me thinking about how many things i have for which i should be thankful for, so here is a list of a few of them!

  1. Family
  2. Friends and Internet friends because they are pretty amazing people
  3. My health 
  4. Sunsets
  5. Chocolate
  6. Good days
  7. Bad days because these make your good days way better
  8. Books
  9. Music
  10. Concerts
  11. Hugs
  12. Friends, the TV show, because i mean it is the best thing ever
  13. Kind people
  14. Snow
  15. Traveling
  16. One direction
  17. Rainy days, specially if you stay inside wrapped in a blanket
  18. My bed
  19. Fresh sheets and laundry
  20. Road trips
  21. Hot baths
  22. Dogs
  23. Love
  24. Laughter
  25. Home cooked meals
  26. Days when your outfit, hair and makeup look good
  27. Fairy lights
  28. Stars, the sun and the moon
  29. The moment when something you've been working really hard for finally pays off
  30. Christmas
  31. Little things and moments in life that we take for granted
  32. The moment when you walk past someone and they smile
  33. Polite people
  34. Getting into bed after a long day
  35. Waking up without an alarm

What are you thankful for?


  1. This was a really nice post! Is so important for us not to forget to be thankful not just on the usual thanksgiving day, but for everyday!:D

    XX, Ruth Sarai