November 20, 2015

Easy DIY Phone Case

My phone is not very common here in Spain or anywhere near really! Which is cool because it makes it kind of "unique" but it also makes finding a phone case for it very difficult. When I got this phone, it came with a clear case and that's what I've been using for a while but I've got bored of it. So I found out on YouTube about the great idea of using a clear case to make many different, cheap and personal cases that you can change around as much as you want. Today I'm gonna show you how to make them, so you can have your own personalised case!

You will need:

-A clear phone case
-A printer
-An x-acto knife

That's literally all you are going to need, sounds easy right?
Okay, let's get started with this diy!

First of all you will need to pick the picture that you want to use as your phone case, I picked some drawings i found on tumblr of Louis Tomlinson and another one of a cute cup with a little message. I decided to make three so i could swap them and so i would have different phone cases, when i actually only have one real case (the clear one). The great thing about this diy is that you can make as many cases as you would like to and the change them around when you feel like it.
Once you've picked them you will want to print them, but before that, you've got to make sure they are the right size for your phone and that they are not too big or too small. You will do this by pasting the picture you want to print onto a word document, then zooming in or out to make the sheet on your computer the same size than the actual one. You can see if it is the same size by placing a sheet of paper on your computer screen and making sure that the edges of both sheets are the same, once you've done this you'll be able to see if your case is the right size by placing your phone on your computer screen and seeing if it fits!

Then you will want to print them.
Next step is cutting them out, you will need to cut the outline of the phone case and the holes that there might be on your phone, such as the camera one, for the holes and small parts  i recommend using the x-acto knife as this will help you have much more control over what you're cutting, and it'll help your case have clean ends and not rough messy ones that personally that's how it would look like if i used the scissors aha!
Lastly you will need to place the paper inside the phone case and you are done!


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